Tuesday, October 20, 2015


 Hey! Jovenes! que tal? (young, how are you)
so...this week in the life of Elder Slaymaker...rain...rain...a little bit more rain...and rain. ruins everything. i love it, dont get me wrong, but people are literally convinced that the water kills. apparantly there is some sort of hurricane or something happening up that way? or a big storm in mexico or something? who knows. but we are getting the outskirts of it. and it literally rained for 3 days straight. without stop. we are wet, which is awesome! a little cold, awesome too! we just didnt have anyone come to church...bummer. oh well, God knows everything! we also had changes! whoo hoo! i loved elder valerio and we were so good, but i am now with Elder Molina, puro ecuatoriano. he is from Ecuador. he looks like he is 14, but hes a pretty good guy! we showed up to meet the bishop, and the bishop was like...hey Elder, did you bring your companion Diapers? haha! needless to say we were all laught except for him. and everyone thinks hes 12, but he is a solid dude! he got sick this week, so thats been fun, but we are killing it every day all day!
also, that mountain where that picture is, yeah thats our area where we are standing. also the town you see, part of that is ours. love bing in the miountains this time of year! too bad there arent any deer to spot out...but its all good! also, if you couldnt tell, you know you are a baseball fan when you are on an LDS mission, and your parents send you 3 pounds of sunflower seeds. love them. heaven on earth. a little taste of the series in my mouth! sorry i dont have any pictures of the new comp yet! next week! stay safe and dont do drugs! love you all dearly! 
Elder Slaymaker

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