Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

Dudes! family! like...whats up? how is everyone doing? how is the fall breeze feeling? nice and chilly? anyone gone for hot chocolate yet? or not that cold? funny thing...here around christmas time they drink hot chocolate as well...even if its not cold! you could be sweating your guts out and you show up to a house at night and they give you hot chocolate and cookies! gotta love it! its the thought that counts right! so uhm...sorry to report that i dont have a picture of my companion today either...we had to go to the capital this morning so he could sign a paper for his visa and i didnt bring my camera...sorry., but he is doing alright! he cuts his own hair...interesting but...whatever!  this past week was super full of milagros (miracles)! we have been working really hard lately with the converts and less actives, and we finally got a few of them to show up to church after a few months of not going! the satisfaction that brings is real awesome! Scripture of the week...Alma 13  16, its not the repentance that brings the remission of sins, its the ordinances we do, I.E. Baptism, partaking of the sacrament, receiving and USING the priesthood, going to the temple, etc. the ordinance brings the remission of sins, so try it! acting brings happiness! get out of your comfort zone and invite someone to church! you never know if you are the help sent in their path! funny story...so here in central america, halloween is the 1st of November, or the day of the dead, which happens to be a sunday this year. so we found this 9 year old kid yesterday named George (jorge) who needs to get baptized, we talked to him yesterday and we were like jorge...do you know what day is the 1st of Noverrmber! and he goes...dude, thats the day of the dead, i cant get baptized on the day!!! haha! we were laughing so hard! love it. anyways, eep it real, keep it fun, and most of all keep it spiritual! Sonria, Dios Te Ama (smile, God loves you)! hope you all have a wonderful week and know that i love you all!
Elder Mister Maker

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