Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"Mana' de cada dia..." (Mana every day)

jovenes (young)! whats up? so...didnt bring my camera again...sorry. we had interviews today with president markham, so we had to go to a different part of Guate, and i didnt have room in my backpack, but the next week i will send some pics! dont worry, i am doing wonderful! a little burned around the arms and face, but not a latino yet! how was halloween for everyone?! i didnt even get a picture of candy...are you sure you went tricker treating? or does that not exist anymore? here they celebrate dia de los muertos (day of the dead) and its nov.1. they do a ton of activities and everyone goes to the cemetary to visit the dead.  kinda seems like memorial day or something like that , but its all good! this last week we were able to baptize a little dude named George, who is 9. hes a pretty cool little chubby dude! pikctures next week...!
anways the meessage for today:
its a liahona message that Elder D. todd christofferson gave in 2012 i believe, titled something along the lines of "give us now our daily bread" matt. 6:11. there is a story in the bible found in exodus 16:12-21, 35. It talks about recieving our daily mana and how we have to look for christ every single day he then gives a personal experience of his life where he really came to kmow Jesus and learned to depend upon him every single day. look itup and read through it because it is really good! then read 2 nephi 28:30. God will give us everything, if we are willing to walk shoulder to shoulder with him. Ask for the Daily Bread, not the miracle to change your life.  be willing to walk with the savior. the mission has changed my life forever! i know a lot of you maybe dont go to church, maybe arent that religious, but it doesnt matter! read this message that he gave, because it is for everyone, not just the mormons. i love you all and hope you have a great day!
Elder Slaymaker

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