Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Jovenes! how is everybody doing? guys...its like november...what? where did the last...year go? i feel like yesterday i was walking around in the guatemalan airport with no clue in the world what was being said! but its fine! just gotta enjoy every moment that is still to come! love the mission! anyways, so yesterday we had a pretty fun pday with our zone! we went to one of the churches and played a whole bunch of games and then had  a game of futbol! i know you are all gonna kill me...i brought my camera and then didnt even take one picture...sorry. but it was really fun! and president markham came and brought us a huge lunch with ribs and potatoes and all sorts of good stuff! oh and pumpkin pie! so im pretty sure thanksgiving came a little early...but its fine! the mission is the best thing ever! we have been talking lately about working with real intent. what does that mean? doing something just to do it, or doing something out of love or because you really want to do it? think about that one for a minute! anyways, all is well here in Asiole! we have changes coming up on the 20th! not a normal change but, its all good! who knows what will happen! know that i love you all and i am so jealous you are getting snowed on right now! have a great week and share the gospel with someone! love you!
Elder Slaymaker

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