Wednesday, November 18, 2015

14 down, 10 to go...

Oh. My. Gosh. 10 months to go...are you joking me? i mean...i love you all dearly but...where has my time in guatemala gone? its so far yet so close! what is happening! i feel like i just got here yesterday!!! ahhh!!! its fine its fine its fine...maybe i will just move here one day! mom what do you think? or no? ha!  I THINK NO BUENO! anyways...not a whole lot to write this week...other than the huge miracle we saw with the inactive converts we have! whoo hoo!!! its a family who got baptized about a year ago, and they havent gone to church in probably 6 months. we visit them about once a week, they say they are going to come, and never show up. finally on saturday we decided to visit them again for the 1000th time, and they are going through some rough times right now, but we honestly just talked to them directly about the temple and all the blessings they are missing and how they could be preparing to be sealed in the temple, and it so happened that it touched their hearts because on sunday we show up to church and they come walking in a little late!!! i thought me and my companion were going to die!! i squoze their little 8 year old kid so hard i think he stopped breathing for a minute. super awesome! we also had a pretty sweet stake conference with an apostle! all of guatemala had conference this weekend via satellite, and Elder Bednar gave a good talk on tithing, keeping the sabboath day holy, helping in the missionary work, and being auto sufficient. gotta love it!

Challenge for the week: go visit a less active family. dont even share anything spiritual with them, just go be their friend. invite them to church. see what happens! i promise it will bring more joy into your life and theirs as well!

changes are this week! who knows whats going to happen! could be in a new place
with a new dude, but we will see! let you all know next week! hope you have a great week everybody! peace and love from guatemala!
Elder Slaymaker

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