Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Hey! dont worry i am alive! just super busy, but still alive! we have had a lot going on lately, but i found five minutes to tell you all about the sweet miracles we are seeing in our area! so anyways...lets start the story. about a week ago, we go on divisions and i go with elder bell. we went to visit a part memeber family, where the dad and daughter are not members, but the mom and other daughter are converts of 8 or 9 months. The dad was kind of not really interested ever, but he always listened when the missionaries came over. he had been to church a bunch of times, but only for an hour and then left. so we go visit him last week, and i tell elder bell that we needed to challenge him to a baptism for the 3rd. we start teaching and what not, and elder bell challenged him to get baptized the 10th. i thought to myself, not exactly sure why he did that, but okay! we then go back a few days later, and the husband tells us about this dream he had...(yeah. guatemalans have a lot of dreams with Jesus) he said that he saw his mom and his sister, who are both dead. they were with Jesus at some caves, and his sister was a leper and needed to be healed. he wanted to help her, but said that she just kept running away and resisting. he said that his dream impacted him so much that he was just thinking about it all day and night and whatever. we listened, and then planned to come back the next day. we came back, and probably the most spiritual lesson on baptisms for the dead that i have ever had, to the point that the husband starts crying and starts telling us that he couldnt explain what he was feeling and he couldnt figure out why he was feeling that way and he was just baffled as to why he was crying. we explained to him about the spirit and how it works and then ended that lesson, reminding him that he needed to get baptized first so that he could help his sister who is dead to have a valid baptism. we come back on monday, and we start talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ setting it up perfectly to talk about baptism, and thats exactly what we did. we verified if he had been reading and praying, and he began to tell us that he had thought about baptism, and he said he wanted to get baptized on the day his dad died (at this point i am thinking oh great, hes going to say in february or march or something), and then i asked him when his dad died....and he told us the 10th of january. he (and maybe his daughter) is getting baptized on sunday. woo hoo! sweet experience! anyways, love you all and hope school is going great! 
Elder Slaymaker

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