Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Faith...16 down, 8 to go..

Hey Guys! Happy Monday no?! sorry to all i didnt have a lot of time to write last week, we were running around like crazy, but its all good! i have 3 seconds today so here i am! everything is going so good in Guatemala! I love this place, and the people and everything. not going to lie, i am kind of bummed out about being in the office, just because we dont get good guatemalan food now. its more like....make a sandwich (which i am really good at) or eat fast food from the capital. but oh well, its got its ups and downs! usually just hectic, but i guess a good pre test before i jump back in the real world! anyways, this last week was a big miracle! we ended up baptizing! woo hoo!! its all about those references from families in the ward! the thing that makes me laugh so hard, is that satan always tries to mess things up, but he never can! for example...the last two weeks when we have gone to fill up the font, there all of a sudden wasnt water in the system...how do you baptize without water? yeah kind of a problem! caused a little chaos, but in the end God is more powerful and he knows who he wants in his church, therefore the baptisms have hapenned! i also included a really good talk on faith given by Gene. R Cook a while back, but he makes a really good point and shares a really cool story, so if you have a little extra time look at it and maybe it will change your mind and your faith! i love you all and hope everything is going so good back home! disfrutan el frio! lo extra├▒o! have a great week!
Elder Slaymaker

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