Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Getting wet...!

do you believe in miracles? yeah yeah yeah...everyone go ahead and start singing the song! esta bien, esta bien. anyways, we got to baptize angel this weekend! his wife got baptized back in february, and he was finally able to get in the font this weekend! they are some really good converts! its taken them awhile to get baptized, but finally decided to do it, and they are just so happy to be able to go to church everysunday! they also love the "canal mormon" or the mormon channel. down here in guatemala apparently they get like the BYU TV channel or something, and it always plays reruns and they just love listening to "Hermano Monson." just loving the office lately! on saturday we had to run some pass along cards to a few missionaries that needed them, so we pretty much just went for a drive and stopped and got some food on the way, and i found a sweet tortilla sign i thought i would send you all, just so you know that they sell tortillas here. but they arent like you guys think, they are from corn, and cooked hot and fresh for every meal! gotta love it! we have been seeing some huge miracles lately with some converts and investigators, so hopefully we can see them all progress and be in the font again this weekend! love you all and hope you are having a great week! almost the end of march! which means summer break is right around the corner!

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