Friday, April 1, 2016

Change Week!

Hooooollly Cow. so there is a saying here in guatemala that i have come to really understand...por los que madrugan, Dios les ayuda!!  really came to know that one this week...we woke up 3 days in row at about 3:30 to take people to the airport and run changes! gotta love it! and now just in the office writing a quick letter to all you white folk back home so you know im still alive! we also baptized this last week! this is Anny! she has been listening to the missionaries for about a year now, and was so dang hard to get in the water, but long story short we fasted with some members and she got in the water on sunday! and her dad, who is a convert from january got to baptize her! whoo hoo!! on other words, general conference this weekend! should be pretty exciting! looking forward to it. hopefully i wont fall asleep! taking notes helps sometimes! anyways, oh and i got a new companion! he is from honduras, and his name is Elder Ramírez. hes a part of the office crew now...not gonna lie im just excited to have a latino back!!! ESPAÑOL!!! love you guys! Happy April Fools Day!
Elder Slaymaker

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