Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stake Conference

well....not a whole lot to write this week....we had stake conference so that was good i guess! our stake president got called to be a 70 in general conference, so we had 2 70´s come in to redo the stake presidency which was kind of neat! got to listen to them talk and what not which was good! last week we went to the zona 1 which is like the center of the capital for P-day and we bought some sweet futbol jerseys so we can play in our tournament this weekend! our ward is holding a big tournament, so we are signed up and going to play! we are all just itching to get out and run around for a minute and play sports! all of the jovenes are supposedly making lunch so it should be a pretty fun time i hope! maybe i will get some pictures to send you all! anyways i hope you guys have a great week and may the Lord bless your lives eternamente! oh and happy birthday syd! on Sunday!
Elder Slaymaker

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