Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Partido... (Match)

Well...we finally got to play in our futbol tournament this weekend!!! Dont ask if we won becuase you all know the answer is yes....haha! no we won our first game and then lost the second 6-4. but it was sooo dang fun to just get out and play sports!! makes one miss the old days of just running around all the time playing with all your buddies, and they even had lunch there for us trying to raise some money for some activity the jovenes are going to do later in the year!! all in all it was a good p-day. last week we had some changes and we now have 8 in the house! Elder Gallacher from sandy ish and Elder Diaz from honduras came in to be the new assistants to president, so its pretty much been nuts this last week but full of fun and good times! we saw some miracles at church which was awesome. found some new people which was also good. we should have a baptism of pablito on sunday who is 9 so hopefully all goes well. man i´ve really decided...there comes a point in the mission where emailing is just the same old thing every week and we say the same old things and nothing new happens. you would think life would be more exciting than that but who knows!!! changes are coming up right after mothers day on the 10th of may, so i guess we will see what happens there! hope you all are having great lives and seeing how the Lord blesses you everyday! maybe get down on your kneestonight and thank him! never know what could happen! love you guys!
Elder Slaymaker

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