Thursday, May 5, 2016

May Flowers...

Well...just another week in the office! been kind of crazy becuase we have had zone conference going on in the capital, mountains, and the coast! makes for some fun road trips i guess! this little dude is pablito. he is pretty funny. full of energy and just wrecks anything and everything that comes into sight, but kids will be kids! his mom was baptized when she was about 16, hadnt gone to church in about 20 years, and then randomly we found her one day, invited her to church, and she came to stake conference! some people are just chosen i guess! anyways...mothers day is coming up! i think there is a new mormon message everyone will have to look up? it looks pretty good! i still havent seen it, but my companion said its good so go look up gosh dang it! happy mothers day everyone! love you all and thanks for all the amazing moms in my life! may the Lord bless you! have a great weekend!!
Elder Slaymaker

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