Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Miracles and calor...

well....this last week had a wild ending and some good laughs! so its the week before changes, we are kind of busy getting everything going and what not, and im thinking to myself...we have absolutely no one in our area right now to baptize. bueno. so on thursday night...we are walking..and it just randomly came to us....lets go visit rocio..we havent visited her in a while. she is 19, just had a kid about a month ago and living with her member boyfriend. we decided to take the guzmans with us and just go have a normal lesson like always. we show up, start talking, and all of a sudden we get into the subject of baptism and getting married, like we had always done every time we visited them. i dont know why, and i dont know how, but somehow we finally convinced them to get married (when i say we i mean the guzmans) and baptized!saturday comes, we ended up going to the temple in the morning with 8 of us, then we went bowling (and i won again, thanks grandma!) we went to chilis and had a big old lunch, and then in the afternoon night we had a wedding and a baptism!! woo hoo!! that was definitely fun! and thats how the chapter ended in Boca del Monte 2! we had changes yesterday, and i am now back in the holy earth of Tiquisate!!!! so hot but so fun! when i come back none of you are going to recognize me! im going to be a brown twig! i have some pictures but i will send them next week so you will just have to wait! so pumped to get back to the normal missionary life again! anyways, enjoy the last couple weeks of school and look out because here comes the heat! happy birthday as well! love you guys!
Elder Slaymaker

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