Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Que Calorón!! (That hot flashes)

Buen Día! I forgot how much i really love the coast! nice and toasty! im going to come home and none of you are going to recoginze me, but its all good! life is great, we are running around doing a whole bunch of things but its really fun! yesterday we had a zone p day and i cooked a good ole american french toast for everybody that was not half bad if i do say so myself! then we  played some good ole futbol and just had a good time! loving this place and the people! my companion is Elder Peña from peru! hes a good guy and we get a long pretty good! the funny thing is we go home the same day! so we are pretty much in the same boat together floating our way towards shore! not a whole lot to say really! we baptized this lady on sunday, her name is luz and she is from el salvador. she loves Jesus and knows that he loves her and thats all that matters! we are hoping to have another one this week and with some luck and prayers everything will work out! thanks for all you guys do! count your many blessings! and go to church on sundays! love you guys!

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