Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Heat Wave..

Well, STILL IN TIQUISATE!!! WHOOOOO!!!! i honestly can not tell you guys why i love this place, but i just do! i guarantee every one of you would say...holy cow. this kid is crazy. because its not anything like what any of you know, but i just love it! so full of everything and nothing all at the same time! so Elder Peña went to another area...and i am now with Elder Mendieta from Nicaragua! you know i have almost had companions from every central american country...just not panama or guatemala. and all of my companions have been latinos...except for when i was in the office. i guess you could say im a latino now. just saying. not a whole lot going on in tiki...just traveling and working and trying to baptize! we do have some people that are getting close so we are working for some miracles! honestly dont know what to share this week other than i love you all! there are a lot of hammocks here in the coast, and there just happens to be one in our house so i thought i would try it out last p day...! also took some pictures of our house so you could all see our little piece of paradise in the coast! hope you all like it! hope you all look for Jesus this summer! hes just waiting for you to look for him and he will let you find him! Love you all! oh and Happy fathers day! thanks for all you varones de Dios do for me! 
Elder Slaymaker

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