Wednesday, June 22, 2016

21 down, 3 to go... June 14, 2016

Well...the days just keep going by and by faster and faster and it feels like weeks are days and months are weeks and yeah. but the good news is we still got time! This week was pretty fun, we did a lot and worked a lot and saw a lot of miracles and came closer to the Lord as always. you know being a missionary i have realized write the same thing every single week!! every week i get on here and write almost the exact same thing like nothing happened! i mean i guess i could tell you lots of stuff, but its just not the same if you dont live it! we found a lady who is super awesome, and what we like to call a Super Sheep. she started reading in the BOM, liked it and kept reading! came to church on sunday for the first time and told us you know i like this and i think God has given me a reasurring answer about baptism lets do it! so she is getting ready for the 26th of this month! we were able to confirm a guy who hadnt come in a while which was good! The thing you guys have to understand is that tiquisate is the coast, and its a district, not a stake, which means all of the churches are branches, not wards. the thing keeping it back from being a stake are worthy adult males who are willing to pay tithing. When was the last time you paid your tithing? and did it out of the goodness of your heart and not because of obligation or whatever other reason? Its a commandment because God wants to bless us. will you let him by paying your tithing? try it and i promise he wont let you down! i love you all and hope you have a great and fantastic week!
Elder Slaymaker

oh and i wont be writing until Wednesday next week because we have changes!

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