Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Photos and Viajes... (trips)

Well this week was nothing out of the usual! everything is going good and just loving the coast! friday we had to go to the capital for a meeting....and when you live a solid 4 hours away from the capital that means waking up at 3!!! woooooo!!!! blessings from the Lord. sunday we were able to baptize Lisbeth! she is pretty awesome! they are from el Salvador but have been living here for about the last 6 months! so that was pretty cool! then for zone p day yesterday we went to Santiago Atitlán again! that place is so sweet! and you guys wouldnt believe all the mormons that come to guatemala. we met some people from florida that work in the ft. lauderdale temple, and saw some college kids from the U! all in all it was a good trip! lately we have been learning a lot about being humble in the mission, and the importance humility has in our lives and how we can be humble. if you get time, go look up the talk Beware of Pride by ezra taft benson. it will change your life if you want it to. love you all and happy birthday to everyone tomorrow! Love you all!
elder Slaymaker

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